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    Just a quick update to this post. In the interim, I’ve inherited my grandfather’s shaving gear (including a very nice badger brush). I’ve also purchased a couple of old Gillette razors. And all of the other stuff (soaps, creams, aftershaves, etc.) that go along with these. But all of this double edge safety razor stuff just seems to modern. So I just ordered a straight.

    This particular straight uses disposable blades. I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy straight-razor shaving enough to want to spend the hundreds of dollars on a classic blade, hones, and strop. This one was only $10 shipped.

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    December 13th, 2011
    at 11:55 pm

    Cool collection – a little scary looking though! I guess that is all part of the charm, too.

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    December 14th, 2011
    at 12:42 am

    Definitely. Add in the fact that you have to do the left side of your face using your left hand. I’m pretty uncoordinated on that side. That being said, my first shave with it only let a little blood. No sutures required!

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