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    Here’s a short piece on folks in religiously-mixed marriages. No mention of atheists marrying religious folks, of course. I’m sure raising kids in a faith outside your own can be tough, but I really didn’t grok this bit:

    Deborah Wiener wasn’t particularly attached to her Catholic upbringing. So the Alamo mother of three didn’t mind raising her sons in her husband’s Jewish faith. Over the years, she learned the Passover traditions and perfected matzo ball soup. However, Christmas was always hard for her.

    “I would start getting depressed because I missed having a Christmas tree and not going back to Minnesota to celebrate with my siblings,” says Wiener, 60. She also was sad that she wasn’t passing on those Christmas traditions to her children.

    Just because they didn’t celebrate Christmas meant they couldn’t go see her family? I really hope her husband isn’t that much of an ogre.

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