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    This one has to be among the dumbest laws in the country. Via Hell’s leading daily we learn that starting tomorrow in Illinois you will have to show a gov’t issued ID in order to buy Drano. And a couple thousand other regular household items.

    A new Illinois law may require you to spend more time in the checkout line and provide personal information. Starting January 1, residents must provide a photo ID and other information when purchasing products that contain caustic materials. That means everything from drain openers, to pool chemicals, to toilet bowl cleaners will become harder to buy.


    After the New Year, not only is it a Class 4 felony to carry around caustic chemicals like drain opener or toilet cleaner, but businesses who sell it must be shown a government issued ID and fill out a form with a host of information about the customer. Batteries are exempt from the registration log requirement.

    “I’d say it’d probably take a minute and a half approximately,” McInturff says about taking down the information.

    The law originated after two women reported sulfuric acid being thrown in their face. One attack was deemed a hoax after the women admitted doing it to herself.

    I swear that sounds like it should come from The Onion. How the hell did this make it through the legislature?

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