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    Well, I am thoroughly hooked. There are just so many variations of razors and blades and shave creams and soaps and aftershaves… I’m having lots of fun experimenting. Fortunately, as hobbies go, this one is pretty cheap. I recently bought a really pretty vintage (but new) brush and Schick Injector razor off eBay. Total cost was around $20. I’m old enough to remember ads for Schick razors, but they had pretty much disappeared by the time I started shaving. Too bad, really. The razor gives a wicked close shave. Fortunately, blades are still readily available and eBay has tons of the razors. So, here’s the setup for today:

    Schick Injector — Type G1 — manufactured between 1946 and 1955.
    Blade — Current manufacture Schick Injector blades from China
    Brush — Bristle-Tite Badger — age unknown but the style is out of the ’50s, I think.
    Cream — Bath & Body Works Bigelow
    Aftershave — Barbasol Brisk

    The Barbasol Brisk is worth a try even if you have no use for any of this other crap. It’s only $1.75 for a big bottle at Dollar General. Tons of menthol that feels really ice cold going on. I’m a sucker for menthol anything, especially at $1.75 per.

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