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    This ChronWatch article borders on the lunatic fringe but it’s entertaining. Regarding the proposal in CA to test older drivers in the wake of the accident that killed eleven:

    You see it’s okay for the Democrats to discriminate even though a sane person would think all drivers should be tested. I’ve seen people of every type doing dangerous things in a car; it isn’t specific to just a few groups of drivers. But in order to test everyone, there would need to be more testers and that isn’t going to happen. The tax you pay for your car is disguised as a fee (see my column “What is a Tax? posted 1-17-2003). A lot of this money goes into the state general fund and that’s why Davis raised the state VLF (vehicle license fees) a couple of months ago to help cover the deficit. Politicians consider the Department of Motor Vehicles to be a huge cash cow for bailing out their pet projects. If there were more testers to test drivers, there would be less money from the VLF to go to the general fund and the VLF would have to be raised even higher to cover the difference.

    If the VLF gets too high the taxpayers will revolt and the powers that be will be gone. So, that is why there’s a call for testing only certain drivers and not everyone. A group is cheaper to test than the entire citizenry. In this case the end results of more money for politicians outweighs the factor of discrimination.

    …These are just some of the Democrat fear tactics they use to divide and conquer Americans. The problem is that the students in public schools are not properly trained to recognize these tactics and can easily be led to believe them. This is exactly why the Democrats are against home schooling. They try to put the fear into parents that home schooling will make your children fall behind in adult life. There is no way they want a properly educated America, they would lose their power base.

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