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    I haven’t seen too many of these “homeschooling is great” stories lately. This one from SC is a nice change of pace. The obligatory educrat quote makes SC’s homeschooling law sound most unattractive.

    Parents who teach their children at home must register with an accountability group, said Jim Foster, spokesman for the state Department of Education. Such groups include the local school district, the South Carolina Association for Independent Home Schools or any other home-school association with 50 or more members. Accountability groups set their own requirements for submitting reports and grades and must report the number of students and their grade levels to the school districts in which the students live.

    The rest is good, though. Worth a click.

    UPDATE: Joanne (aka The Happy Homeschooler) took exception to my classifying this as a “positive” article. On re-reading it, she’s probably right. In my defense, these past two weeks have been so negative that it seemed good by comparison (at least at 5:41 a.m.)

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