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    A MD school district ran a small experiment by using the Singapore Math program. As homeschoolers have known for years, it works. Quite well, in fact. The schools using it showed marked improvement in math test scores compared to the control schools.

    “The results from Year 2 implementation of the quarterly assessments mirror the trends seen in Year 1 implementation. For every assessment, at every grade level, students in the Singapore Math pilot schools performed significantly higher” than schools that did not have the program, the report states.

    Great news! Let’s roll out the program to more schools. Not so fast:

    Despite high praise from the study’s authors, the program faces an uncertain future in the county. The school system will not pay for the materials or teacher training after this year, forcing schools to pay for those things out of their own budgets.

    “We’ll always teach the elements of Singapore Math,” said Eileen Macfarlane, principal of Drew Elementary School.

    Drew Elementary dropped the Singapore Math program last year because the county’s new curriculum is more aligned with the state tests, Macfarlane said.

    In other words, say “Good-bye” to the improved performance.

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