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In a debate between three candiates for a San Mateo school board, one of the candidates was a little optimistic about the state of the budget.

The candidates clashed over the budget. Dennis said he would only cut the budget as a last option, saying he believes the school district could rely on fund-raisers to increase revenue.

They need to raise $2 million.

2 Responses to “A HELLUVA BAKESALE”

Comment by
Joanne aka Happy HSer
October 30th, 2003
at 9:10 am

That’s a lot of wrapping paper, cookie dough and popcorn.

Comment by
October 30th, 2003
at 10:47 am

Actually, this sort of fundraising has been fairly common here in the Bay Area of late. I even wrote an entry about it: nobody...000307

Shorter NKA: they don’t have bakesales, they “request” donations from each family.