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    ONE MORE THING TO DO And, after they’ve done all their homework (see previous post), they need to read at least forty minutes a day.

    On average, very young children should read two to four familiar books a day, either independently or with an adult, and should have one to two other books read to them every day, school officials said.

    First-graders should read four or more books a day and listen to two to four others. By second grade, students should read one or two short books or long chapters each day and have at least one more difficult book read to them.

    By third grade, students should read at least 25 chapter books each year – not counting what they read for classwork – and should be read aloud every day to expose them to a richer vocabulary and to model good reading habits, officials said.

    Probably good advice but where exactly are they supposed to find time to do this and still have SOME play time?

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