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  • ARRRGGGHHH!! Now the truancy

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    ARRRGGGHHH!! Now the truancy cops AND the police are getting involved in the CA HSing mess.

    Ronald Crozier, a Drug Abuse Resistance Education officer with the Oakdale Police Department, said truancy officers want stricter laws so they can crack down on parents who abuse the system.

    He said he is pressing charges against a number of families who filed private school affidavits to get the officials off their backs.

    He said the families call themselves home-schoolers, but don’t have books or tests or attendance records to back up their claims.

    “Our problem is with parents who are taking advantage of the system,” Crozier said.

    What a bunch of nonsense. CA law doesn’t require books or tests or attendance records. Why should the truancy cops be able to demand them? We heard this same junk in Delaware last year. The state even organized a “Truancy Task Force”, which stated in its “Final Report

    The committee has also considered other issues and their impact not only on the truancy court process but also on better serving youth that are most at risk for school drop out. Although home schooling can provide an effective educational opportunities for children, truancy issues have demonstrated that home schooling has become a well known loophole for parents to use to establish school attendance for their child without having to send their child to a school building. With no criteria for home schooling in this state it allows for parents who are not capable of providing an education for their child [emphasis added] a legal way to not send their child to school.

    And who is to decide if a parent is “capable”? Why, the edu-crats who failed these kids in the first place, of course. More nanny-state nonsense.

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