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    BOILER ROOM I hate this.

    The students have about 10 days to sell enough magazines to reach their goal of over $100,000 in sales…

    On Wednesday, Wayne Miller of Bay Area Fundraising was on hand to explain the specifics of the magazine sale to students, mainly showing them how to fill out the magazine order forms.

    Then, Miller whipped the students into a frenzy as he displayed the wide assortment of prizes available for those selling a certain number of magazines. Prizes include weepuls (small fuzzy characters with sticky feet), puka shells, stuffed animals, Borders and Old Navy gift certificates, a calculator/clock, personal water dispenser and a personal miniature refrigerator that can be plugged into a wall socket or used in the car with an adapter…

    School officials discouraged from students going door-to-door for the sale. Instead, they were advised to sell magazines to family, friends and neighbors.

    “Mostly what we’d like them to do is to call up their grandparents and people out of town, have mom or dad take the order forms to work with them, and go to doctors’ offices,” said King.

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