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    WELL, GO AHEAD THEN SC’s Horry County has delayed releasing the high-stakes test results until October 4th and parents are getting frustrated:

    “I don’t agree with taking the entire year to focus on a test,” said Martha Winebarger, whose son and daughter attend Bethel Elementary School. “Now, we’re even talking about adjusting school start [dates] because of testing.”

    Lori Austin, who was waiting to pick up her children at Bethel this week, said: “I’m tired of people judging children. There are times when I feel like I should just home-school.”

    P.S. As a bonus, this has one of the most confusing bylines I’ve seen in a while. Horry County is on the coast (Myrtle Beach is in Horry County). Mauldin is in Greenville County- about as far away from Horry as you can get and still be in the same state. Bizarre.

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