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    ARE THEY “PROFESSIONALS” OR NOT? Public school teachers are constantly claiming they are “professionals” and should be paid as such. Maybe but, in my mind, professionals have some sense of the rule of law.

    The Issaquah School District will open classrooms today without its striking teachers, who yesterday voted overwhelmingly to defy a judge’s back-to-work order…

    Kathy O’Toole, a Washington Education Association lawyer who represented the union in Monday’s hearing, explained to members their due-process rights and the potential consequences of defying the orders…

    One teacher questioned the burden of proof, if teachers defy the order.

    “If we don’t show up, isn’t that proof enough?” she asked.

    Linderman said teachers could say they were sick, or that a parent was sick. The district can’t prove otherwise.

    A fine example for their students from these “professionals”.

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