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Home education is briefly mentioned in this piece, but I want to highlight an unrelated sentence:

With the addition of all-day Kindergarten, and a major “roundup” event to bring Kindergarten numbers up as much as possible, Larson said there is one conclusion to draw: there are simply less young children growing up in Harbor Springs.

I know there are some professional writers who occasionally drop by. Stylistically, shouldn’t it have been “fewer”? I seem to recall that fewer is for count, and less is for non-count. But I also have been long out-of-school. Right now, I barely count myself as literate.

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October 21st, 2005
at 8:52 pm

You’re right, it should have been “fewer.”

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October 22nd, 2005
at 12:38 am

“Right now, I barely count myself as literate.”

Lol..Could this account for the recent poor literacy ratings?

I agree: the sentence screams out for “fewer”. Would love to know if Daryl’s reasoning is right.

(From a pathologically bad and unreasoned, but nonetheless instinctively obsessive grammarian. Sorry, no professional writer here).