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    One more reason to homeschool:

    Remove the stresses from reading

    My response to the Oct. 22 article, “Children can love reading ‘AR’ books”: Not in my house.

    The author suggested readers need to slow down and be directed back to the content of the story instead of the Accelerated Reader points. This would be nice, but unrealistic.

    As part of his grade, a third-grader is required to get 20 points each marking period. That means the student needs to read 40 books with 100 percent accuracy. For those who reach their AR goals, a party is given and a field trip at the end of the year. Don’t forget the T-shirt for those lucky enough to reach 100 points. What about those who are unable to reach these goals? Are they being punished instead of rewarded for trying their best?

    My son has a speech-delayed learning disability that hinders his schoolwork. Granted, he can read on his level for AR books, but he struggles with his grade-level homework each night. Hours are dedicated to helping him and then AR is on top of that. He has no time for relaxation, play or enjoyment.

    My daughter started high school this year. Her celebration was not in going to a new school. Her celebration was no AR! Let’s remove the stress of Accelerated Reader points and allow our children to enjoy reading.

    Lucille Kelly, Fayetteville

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    Comment by
    Andrea R
    October 31st, 2005
    at 7:55 am

    As part of a “quality learning agenda” the guberment here in NB has a goal of getting children to be proficient readers by grade 3. Coincidentally, the first year they have a mandatory standardized test…
    Children who have problems becoming proficient readers by then are identified and promptly handled off into special learning classes.