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A psychiatrist, on home education:

‘Schooling’ vs. ‘educating’

In its debate on schools and homework, USA TODAY might have mentioned those who never go to “school” at all: the home-schoolers. They, in my view, are on top of the heap socially, psychologically, physically, intellectually and academically.

As for children in traditional schools, coercion, homework, testing, report cards and a forgettable curriculum tend to make those passive, bored and sullen kids “hate” school, their teachers, learning, books and then their parents.

What’s more, about a third of college graduates are proficiently literate, down from 40% in 1992, according to the latest National Assessment of Adult Literacy.

The solution — stop schooling and start educating by:

• Abolishing all quizzes before those necessary final exams.

• Stimulating students with lessons involving art, music, theater, sports, museums, good books, periodicals and technology, along with math games, choral reading and assisted writing.

The only “problem”: I, and many prison guards, are then apt to be unemployed!

Dr. Robert E. Kay, psychiatrist


It might work as a bumper sticker: Put a psychiatrist out of work– homeschool.

It needs some polish, I think.

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