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    A politician was caught editing his Wikipedia entry. His bad:

    One of the sleuths in the Gutknecht incident is a 15-year-old Wikipedia “editor” from Nashville who says he acted out of no malice for Gutknecht, but rather to protect the integrity of the controversial online encyclopedia, which invites the public to volunteer information for its entries.

    “There’s a policy against autobiographical edits,” said the volunteer editor, Daniel Bush, who says he is home-schooled by his parents in Tennessee. “At Wikipedia, we call these ‘edit wars.’ “

    That’d be a fun project to volunteer on.

    BTW, his entry now has this addendum:

    Wikipedia editing

    On August 16, 2006, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Gutknecht’s office twice — on July 24 and August 14, 2006 — removed a 128-word section in the Wikipedia article on him, replacing it with a more flattering 315-word entry taken from his official congressional biography. Most of the removed text was about the 12-year term-limit Gutknecht imposed on himself in 1995. A spokesperson for Gutknecht did not dispute that his office changed his Wikipedia entry, but questioned the fundamental reliability of the encyclopedia itself. [3][4].

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