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    A local item:

    Business Council ignores residents’ ‘no’ to E85

    The Cumberland County Business Council receives $400,000 in county tax money and $200,000 in city tax money. Flashing across its Web site are the words “Improving Quality of Life,” followed by “Creating Wealth.”

    Hundreds of taxpayers wrote letters and signed petitions in opposition to E85. A majority of the commissioners were voting no for the $875,000 incentive package. I am hearing a resounding “No!” for E85 from county residents and our leaders.

    Why, then, did the Business Council fax an April 12 letter to businesses soliciting support for E85? Why is it pleading with businesses to send e-mail back that says, “I support E85,” so it can place a supportive ad in the newspaper?

    The ad hasn’t hit the paper, so we can only assume that the council didn’t get the e-mails it so desperately needed. Where is the support for E85, and what is driving the Business Council to passionately push E85 into a site where it is not wanted? [emphasis added]

    The answer is certainly not “Improving Quality of Life.” Maybe “Creating Wealth” is the motivation for the Business Council.

    The council is ignoring the voice of the taxpayers and the commissioners who fund the council. Taxpayers saved $875,000 when the incentives for E85 were withdrawn. Another way to save taxpayers money would be for the commissioners to cut funds to the Business Council. Cutting $400,000 out of the budget would open both ears and minds at the council.

    Sam Bright
    President, King’s Grant Homeowners

    The answer is obvious.

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