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in Kansas, too. [via Valerie]


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September 14th, 2007
at 11:08 am

Hello! We’ve been homeschooling for two years now. At first it was tough, but now we love it. We currently use a website called Time4l...ng.com. We mainly use the math, because that was our area of weakness, but it is a full curriculum site that offers all the main subjects. It’s one of the less expensive options I’ve found out there on the net but is also excellent.

Since i’m trying to work part time as a writer and home school, I love things where my children can work independently. They are getting older, which helps too, but I still have to help with science experiments or things they don’t understand and just to organize and schedule. What I loved about this site is that it is easy for them to navigate. They simply click on the next lesson the arrow points to and work their way through and I can check their progress at any time. They take quizes and tests and everything is graded for me. They also keep records should I ever need them or if I just want to refresh myself on what they’ve worked on.

I would say that homeschooling is definitely growing in Indiana too. Our little homeschool group gained about 20% just this year.